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YOUR BUSINESS WILL STAND OUT with Professional Voice-over, and Audio Productions. Quality really does make a difference. That means more hits, more sales, increased SEO and more money in your bank.  

Top quality, quick turnaround, guaranteed professional results and very affordable. 

* Explainer videos
* Website demo's & commercials                             
* Product sales & demo's
* Instructional - "How To" reading 
* PowerPoint Presentation                 
* Hypnosis & Guided Meditation reading & program production
* Affirmation reading, * Subliminal reading & program production                          
* Radio/TV/Website commercials  
* Narrations & Audio Book reading                           
* Telephone answering system   

Professional, Mature, Sincere, Warm, Trusting, Convincing, Personable & Friendly.   Audio & Video production, mixing & editing. 

Production Software Audio: Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 & ACID Music Studio 8, (Roland) Cakewalk-Sonar X1 Producer.  Video: Sony Vegas 10

Over 20 years’ experience: radio personality, radio and TV commercials and professional recording studio owner/ engineer/ producer in Los Angeles.

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